O'Fallon Veterans' Monument
O'Fallon, Illinois
Memorial Day
May 29, 2006

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Visit the beautiful 15 pillar star-shaped O'Fallon Veterans' Monument in O'Fallon,
Illinois.  Lovely to see during the day and when lit at night, the Monument is located off
of North Seven Hills Road on the south side of East Wesley Drive, just northwest of
the O'Fallon Safety Center (Police Station) and the O'Fallon YMCA.  The street address
is 737 E. Wesley Dr.  Parking, including handicap spaces, is available at the site.  

The O'Fallon Veterans' Monument is the largest in the area and is located on a
beautifully landscaped acre of ground.  Enjoy a moment of meditation seated on one
of several benches taking in the sounds and serenity of a pond and its fountains.  

The Monument is a continuous tribute to O'Fallon's veterans with names being added
twice a year.  Those received between March 1 and August 31 will be inscribed in time
for Veterans Day.  Those received between September 1 and February 29 will be
inscribed in time for Memorial Day.  Any honorably separated veteran who has ever
lived within  O'Fallon Township High School District 203 or in O'Fallon Township is
eligible for inscription.  

For your convenience, a kiosk directory, providing a personal history and the pillar
location of each veteran's name, is located at the entrance to the Monument.  
Applications for inscription can be downloaded on this website.  Cost is $100 per
name.  Our mailing address is PO Box 406, O'Fallon IL  62269.
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aerial views of the monument while
it was still under construction.
The arrival of the granite tablets.  Click on
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installation as well as closeup views.
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names as they
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or call 618-632-3204
Number of names
on the monument
as of
Memorial Day 2013
Celebrating the installation of the
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monument as it was
being constructed
updated 10/6/2013
Copyright  2013 O'Fallon Veterans' Monument Association, Inc
above photos taken May 29, 2006
by Brian Keller
photo courtesy of Jan Todd
flyover at Dedication ceremony
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Memorial Day
2014 is
February 28, 2014.

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Computer kiosk showing location of each veteran's name on the monument.
above photo taken April 1, 2008
by Brian Keller
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photos of past ceremonies
dedicating new names

Veteran's Day 2006
Memorial Day 2007
Veteran's Day 2007
Memorial Day 2008
Veterans' Day 2008
Photos and Biographies for the Kiosk
We are now accepting short biographies and photos to be viewed on the kiosk.  Biographies can be in email form,
MS Word or handwritten.  Pictures, if emailed, should be in .jpeg format.  If mailed, please send a self-addressed
stamped envelope if you wish it returned.  Since our space is limited, we ask that the biography be limited to just
the military history of the veteran with a limit of 500 words or less.  If possible, please include any awards and
decorations received, battles, schools, assignments, etc.  
Submissions can be emailed to
Veterans Day Ceremony at Monument
dedication of new names
Monday November 11, 2013 at 11:00 am (rain or shine)
bring lawn chairs
program lasts about 30-40 minutes
(if inclement weather, ceremony will be held at
Public Safety Center, 285 N Seven Hills Rd)
above photos taken October 29, 2008
by Brian Keller
above photos taken October 9, 2010
by Brian Keller
with kind help of the
O'Fallon Volunteer Fire Department
above photos taken May 29, 2011
by Brian Keller
Name Index with Location

Map of Pillar Locations

Click on Name Index above for alphabetical list of names on
Monument and their location (current through Memorial Day 2013)

Click on Map to see schematic of where to find each pillar
New names to be
dedicated on
Veterans Day 2013

Brian K. Holland
Denise G. Augustine
Bobby D. Allen
Jennifer J. Linz
George W. Page
Richard E. Clayton
Jason M. Wong
Mark S. Christ
Dearold D. Merriman
Danny McCollum
Michael P. McCollum
John McCarthy
Anna Kadavi-McCarthy
Raymond Kimball
John Landgraf
Hugo Markle
Charles M. Miller
John W. Swift
Abner H. White
Washington W. Woolard
Henry Booth
David Eggberry
William Evans
James Frank
John Picton
James Bailey
Louis Hirschberg
Peter Kazban